Friday, December 29, 2006

This is Charisse, she is a happy child. Daughter of Brooke, sisiter of Annabelle.

Trip to Medina

Mom and I and Christina,Maria and Natalie, had a nice visit with Wargos Dec 27th. Aunt Ellen is doing better, she certainly enjoyed the day with her family as we did. I hope it was not too much for her, as she has been making such positive progress. It was fun to see everyone, the photo includes all except Collettes husband, Brad and Luanns friend Bill.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

This group is from Christmas Day. The gift giving was chaotic and plentiful and the food was over flowing. The children were all well behaved and joyful. The adults did alright too.

Christmas in Butler

We missed all who couldn't be with us. This first group is from Christmas eve. The gifts sent from Chicago were opened and the girls were very excited. A traditional meal of pizza and sausage was served along with a shrimp and scallop appetizer.

Friday, December 22, 2006

All is well at Beechwood Blvd. Little Nana had a bout with esophageal issues beginning Friday and Saturday 15th 16th. Dr. S. Han set up an appointment with Dr. Latuska for Friday Dec 22. She insisted that she could not wait that long so, we took her to the ER in Butler on Monday, where they relieved her distress and moved her appt. to Tuesday, Dec 19th for an endoscopy. The test showed some Minor irritation. She is feeling much better now, taking a drug protonix when needed. Just an update.
Aunt Ellen is recovering nicely from her surgery, we have talked with her just about each day. We still tentatively plan to visit in Medina December 27th, depending on how she is feeling at the time.
We hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday, with all our love, Mom and Dad

Friday, December 15, 2006

Ellen's health is improving @ a great rate. She is eating most of everything of the soft food in her diet. She is able to walk the hospital halls unaided. She is also off the morphine and on percocet and Tylenol.
Ellen still lacks the physical strength to readily sit up. It is necessary for her to use her arms to pull up to a sitting position.
The only thing preventing her from leaving the hospital is her plumbing. As soon as this functions she will be discharged. We are hopeful that it will be either Saturday or Sunday. She is overly optimistic (my opinion) about her ability to resume her everyday activities.
The pathology reports, per the surgeon's comments, were positive. To quote the report "One of twenty-seven regional lymph nodes positive for metastatic carcinoma". This means that twenty-six did not have any indication of the cancer. This also means that treatment, chemotherapy, will have to be used once she has sufficiently recovered from the surgery.
Thanks very much for your prayers and well wishes.
Lou Wargo Give this a try! Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Dad asked me to post these for him. I think it's a wonderful entry. Ours is forthcoming!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Saturday, December 9, 2006

Flowers for Ellen

Vicky and I decided to send flowers to Ellen on Monday. Let me know if you want to pitch in.

1st Annual Griswaldian Challenge

Rules and Disclosures:

1. Voting may be done either in person, phoned in, UPS, or on-line.
2. You may NOT vote for the residence in which you reside.
3. No use of live animals, wild or domesticated.
4. No artificial snow.
5. Must reside within the Continental United States.
6. Must have the name "Sanzotti" associated with your household, either given or by civil union.
7. If you have a "Cousin Eddie", must be verified, it will be worth 1 extra point.
8. No RV's may appear in photos unless that is your home, hard address and no PO Box.
9. The "all expenses paid" trip found in small print does not apply.

Results will be audited by the firm of Dewy, Cheatum and How in consort with Moor, Warfield and Glick. All results will be pending and questionable until authenticated by Mr. Griswald.

Thursday, December 7, 2006

Sanzotti's - State College Contingent

Hello All! Dawn and I are planning on being in Butler Friday Dec 22 - Sunday Dec 24 (returning some time on Sunday, late affternoon?). We hope to see you all at some point throughout the weekend.



Friday, December 1, 2006

For those of you that have not seen this...Nick wrote this as a comment before he was able to post.

"I am suggesting a Griswaldian Challenge. Each family should decorate their respective home, or that of another if you like, and take a photo of the home for posting. Then we will have a vote from each member of the household for the best dressed home. We can have a few different catagories. The winner will be announced prior to the "Festivus Holiday". The only rule is you may not vote for the house you reside in! 'Tis the season... "

Have your pictures posted before Christmas so we can vote!

Hope you get better soon, Megan! We all LOVE you!