Saturday, March 31, 2007

Bullous Myringitis

I got it! Saw Dr. Yost Friday and he is treating it very vigorously with Z pack twice and steroids. Mom is feeling much better almost back to normal.
The weather is great and we have been outside working every chance we get. Fished some last Wed. but the water was a bit high and fast. Caught nothing.
Grandma is doing fine, she had a bout with ear clicking for lack of a better word, but she is better now. She continues to get shots in her back and shoulder for pain, and they seem to help some.
Aunt Ellen is now dealing with a blood clot as well as her cancer treatment. Her chemo has been held up until this clot is dealt with, she is taking cumadin as a blood thinner.
Vicky will have her gall bladder out May 15th, she has opted to wait until their return form Vegas.
Easter dinner is at 229 Beechwood on April 6th, everyone is welcome. Love you all Dad