Monday, April 23, 2007

Hayley made Nationals!

This weekend, Hayley competed in the USGA Region 5 Level 9 and 10 Championship along with over 500 other gymnasts from Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan and Kentucky. The meet took place at Northwood University in Midland Michigan.
After a slow start (the session before ours ran about 1 1/2 hours longer than expected) Hayley began with her floor rotation. We saw with the first session that the judges were being very tight with their scoring. Throughout the meet season, we saw scores of 9.5 and 9.65 on some events, most scores here were in the low nines and mid eights. It was clear that if she wanted to make it to nationals, she would have to hit 4 for 4...
Hayley was having some problems with one of her tumbling passes on floor and her coaches made a quick change just before competing. It lowered her start value but, I think it made her feel a little more at ease. Although it was not her very best floor routine, she looked great and pulled off a 9.100.
Hayley next moved to vault which has not always been her favorite rotation but, again she stood up both vaults and got a 8.925 which based on previous scoring of some of the regions best vaulters, was pretty respectable.
Off to bars where Hayley has had the most issues. During warm-ups and her touch prior to competing, we thought for sure she would loose it. She simply could not hit her blind and kept pealing off. Well, come time for her routine, she nailed it (again not her best but, she hit it) and scored a 8.925.
Now we knew that the previous session winner had an all around of 36.300 so she knew what she needed to do in order to at least try to make the top 10 and beam was her opportunity to bring it together.
As she moved to beam you could see that she was nervous. Pam and I were totally on edge as a single fall would mean that she would not make it. The crowd was quite large at this point as the evening session was beginning to filter in. Hayley's old coach also showed up and decided that he would stand near by to watch adding to the pressure.
Well, she nailed it, one of her best beam routines with a 9.350.
So...Hayley ended the meet with a 36.350 all around which beat the first session winner and we thought for sure that she would at least make the top ten.
During awards, we were surprised to see how close the competitors scores were. There were ties throughout with all around scores being the tie breakers.
Hayley ended up placing on vault (9th), bars (9th) and beam (3rd). She ended up in 14th place for floor which did not place and when they started calling up the all around winners we were so surprised to hear that she came in 3rd place! So many of the competitors were hitting one or two events and Hayley's consistent performance allowed her to stay at the top for the all around.
From our region, 12 girls were chosen to go to nationals in Florida this coming May 10 - 13. The top 6 girls have been placed on the Region 5 team where they will compete for the team competition along with their individual placement.
Directly following the meet we were asked to attend a special meeting for all the girls that qualified for nations where we were given packets of information that contained the schedule for the weekend and each girl was then fitted for their leotard and team warm-ups.
A pretty exciting weekend for our Hayley, we are so proud of her accomplishment and hope she has a great time competing in Florida next month.
We love you,

The Chicago Sanzottis'

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Damien and Megan!

Nick and I are getting ready to take a trip out west to "Vegas". My national cancer registrars association is having their educational conference out there this year and the hospital is allowing me to go. I don't think we will do any gambling but are planning a paddleboat ride on Lake Mead and a Cirque Du Soleil show.

Hope all is well with everyone!

Friday, April 6, 2007

The Return of Winter
The Return of Winter Looks like winter has emerged for one(? ) last go at our sensabilities. Really cold winds and wet snow has been the daily treatment since Wednesday last. But this too will pass. I am almost over my Bullous myringitis, but I will see Dr. Yost on Monday. Mom is good. We had two little girls for an over night Thursday/Friday, and Kate was here for the day on Thursday. Mom and I are starting to put stuff aside for our Hawaii trip, we leave early in the morning May 4th.Events that we are anticipating include: watching Lauren and Kate while Vicky and Nick are in Vegas, The musical"Kiss Me Kate", and a BCSO Concert April 28th. Then off to Hawaii!The plan is to line up some neighbor kids to look after the yard while we are gone, however if any of you could stop up occasionally to check things out, I would appreciate it.More importantly perhaps we could set up a schedule for visiting Grandma while we are gone.

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