Thursday, June 13, 2013

Summer of 2013 has a good start

We have had a very eventful summer start or end of spring. A T-ball game in State College, many school concerts and a graduation. Bruno was caught in a photo playing T-ball although his enthusiasm was limited. Maria was featured in a saxophone solo with the Butler Senior High Concert Band and both Natalie and Lauren participated in the Junior High Band concerts. Natalie was confirmed into the church at St. Lukes in Saxonburg. An awards ceremony saw Lauren and Natalie get some academic honors as school days wane. Maria received the Tuesday Musical Award at a Senior Awards program. The Graduation at Butler High found us sitting where the distinguished graduates parents and grandparents sit. Maria was honored for sustaining a 4.3 or better for her four years of high school.
Bryan and family (excluding Megan) arrived on June 6th for a stay in Butler and attended Maria's Graduation Party.
We are so proud of our grandchildren  and their parents and thankful for their success.

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